Optimus Gen 2, Humanoid Robotics by Tesla

Optimus Gen2

The company led by visionary Elon Musk has once again captured the world’s attention with its latest innovation: the second generation of Optimus, its humanoid robot.

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The new version of optimus

The recently presented new version of Optimus represents a leap from its initial prototype in 2022.

With a lighter design and the incorporation of sensors in the fingers, Optimus Gen 2 not only improves aesthetically but also in functionality. These improvements allow the robot to perform tasks with a precision and delicacy previously unimaginable, such as holding and transporting an egg without damaging it.

The ability to walk 30% faster than its predecessor places Optimus in a new category of robotic mobility. Additionally, a 10-kilogram reduction in weight contributes to improved balance and agility, essential for complex tasks.

The evolution of Optimus, from prototype to pioneer

Since its introduction in 2022, Optimus has evolved from a promising concept to a pioneer in humanoid robotics.

The integration of Tesla’s experience in autonomous driving, along with an advanced battery pack and LTE and WiFi connectivity, positions Optimus as an advanced technological ecosystem.

With Optimus Gen 2, Tesla invites us to imagine a future where the boundaries between humans and machines become increasingly blurred.