An epic journey through “Atlas Fallen”

Atlas Fallen cover.

The video game “Atlas Fallen” from Deck13 Interactive mixes various genres in an ancient world devastated by a war between gods.

The player embodies a character who finds a magical gauntlet with the defeated deity Nyaal, gaining special powers to free the kingdom from the oppression of Thelos, the tyrant. The plot unfolds through main and secondary missions, interacting with various characters in a world full of secrets and challenges.

Atlas Fallen – Launch trailer (Focus Entertainment).

The game stands out for its focus on exploration and movement, with agile displacement mechanics that allow surfing through the sand and performing aerial acrobatics. Although urban environments can be generic, the exteriors offer a sense of breadth for exploration. The combat system combines acrobatic elements and diverse abilities, with confrontations that require precision and reactivity. Despite some lack of impact in the blows and repetitiveness in the combats, the game maintains its appeal.

“Atlas Fallen” also includes a cooperative mode, albeit with limitations in character interactions.

The game’s music creates an immersive atmosphere, with compositions that reflect the desolation and mystery of the world of Atlas, complementing the narrative and gaming experience.

Atlas Fallen – Gameplay (Focus Entertainment).


Dynamic Exploration: The open and vast world invites exploration, with an agile movement system that makes traversing the environment exciting and fun. Impressive Visual Design: The desert landscapes offer an impressive aesthetic, conveying a sense of decay and mystery, contributing to a visually impactful immersion. Variety of Fused Genres: The mix of RPG, MMO, and Hack and Slash elements is interesting, offering a unique combination of gameplay mechanics. Intriguing Story: Despite some weak points, the narrative of Atlas Fallen has attractive elements, including a mythological background and the struggle for the liberation of the kingdom. Agile and Fun Movement: The movement mechanics, such as sand surfing and acrobatic jumps, add dynamism and fluidity to the gameplay.


Repetition in Combat: Despite being acrobatic and frenetic, the combats can become repetitive due to a lack of enemy variety and combat feedback that may seem insufficient. Underdeveloped Characters: Although there are intriguing characters, most lack depth, limited to guiding missions or asking for favors without significant development. Generic Interior Design: Unlike the exterior scenarios, cities and interior structures may lack originality and striking details. Feeling of Emptiness in the World: Despite the vastness of the world, there are areas that can feel empty and lacking interesting content beyond visual exploration. Lack of Variety in Sounds: Although the music and sound effects accompany well, the lack of variety in some sounds can generate monotony.

In summary, Atlas Fallen, in its attempt to combine multiple genres, offers an intriguing journey through a devastated world, although it falls short in key aspects such as the depth of combat and the variety of enemies. However, its focus on exploration and narrative, as well as the potential cooperative experience, could attract lovers of open worlds and adventure.