Breaking down the meaning of ‘The Economist’s’ cover

The Economist Cover 2024.
  1. The Economist’s Cover: The British magazine The Economist featured six political figures on its special edition cover “The World Ahead 2024,” including Claudia Sheinbaum, the presidential candidate for Mexico’s Morena party.
  2. Electoral Predictions for Mexico: The Economist predicts that Sheinbaum could win Mexico’s 2024 presidential election, though it does not expect her to maintain the same level of popular support as the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
  3. Global Election Context: Over half of the world’s population will participate in elections in about 70 countries in 2024, but many of these elections will not be free or fair.
  4. Uncertainty in the United States: The magazine speculates on the possibility of Donald Trump returning to the U.S. presidency, indicating he has a one-in-three chance.
  5. Time Running Out for U.S. Elections: The center of the cover suggests that time is a critical factor for the upcoming U.S. elections.
  6. Artificial Intelligence: To the left, an all-seeing eye and brains connected to cables represent the influence and integration of artificial intelligence.
  7. Decline of Fiat Money: The right side of the cover shows a graph depicting the falling value of fiat currencies like the dollar and euro.
  8. Peace and Conflict: The cover places a peace dove next to Putin and missiles near Zelenskyy, symbolizing the ongoing conflict and peace efforts.
  9. Trump, Putin, and a Mysterious Female Figure: Trump is shown with a question mark, next to Putin, and a female figure is depicted near Zelenskyy, raising questions about her identity.
  10. Biden and Xi Jinping: Representing the West and the East, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are shown, highlighting the geopolitical dynamics between these regions.
  11. Environmental Concerns: The cover also references global warming, electric vehicles, and renewable energies, indicating these as key issues in the coming year.
  12. Latin America’s Political Landscape: The magazine suggests a mixed political future for Latin America, with no clear division between left and right, and the possibility of unexpected political developments like those in Argentina.