Economic events in the US – October 19th


Why is tomorrow an important day?

The health of the U.S. labor market affects global trade, as a financially secure American consumer drives the exports of other nations. Additionally, the U.S. manufacturing industry indicates the health of global production. Home sales reflect economic confidence, and Powell’s words, leader of the Federal Reserve, can influence global economic decisions.

Tomorrow is an important day for the global economy; we will have a busy day.
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Here, we summarize the most important events for tomorrow:

1. New Unemployment Benefit Claims: Unemployment benefit claims reflect the number of individuals who have applied for financial assistance due to job loss. It’s a key measure to gauge the health of the job market. If many people are applying for these benefits, it might indicate that the economy is facing challenges and companies can’t sustain their staff. Conversely, if the figures decrease, it might signal that more people are securing jobs and that the economy might be on the mend.

2. Philadelphia FED Manufacturing Index: This index gives us an idea of how the manufacturing sector in the Philadelphia region is performing, which can serve as a barometer for the country’s overall industrial health. If the index is positive, it indicates growth in the sector; if negative, it might hint at a contraction. The manufacturing sector is crucial as it produces goods and employs a large number of people, so its performance can have a significant ripple effect on the overall economy.

Washington D.C. – Federal Reserve. Photo extracted from the official Wikipedia page.

3. Sales of Previously Owned Homes: The real estate market is a good gauge of economic wellbeing. When people are confident in the economy, they tend to invest in real estate. Sales of previously owned homes, in particular, can provide insight into how individuals feel about long-term stability, as these purchases are typically larger and represent a long-term financial commitment.

4. Powell’s Statements: Jerome Powell is the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, the country’s central bank. His statements are keenly listened to by investors and economists, as they can hint at the direction the country’s monetary policy might take. A change in interest rates or policies by the Federal Reserve can impact everything from the cost of taking out a loan to the value of the dollar.

Jerome Powell – Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Conclusion: These economic events provide a snapshot of the health and direction of the US economy. Even if you’re not an economics expert, it’s beneficial to understand these signals as they affect decisions from large corporations all the way to the everyday pocketbook of the average citizen. The economy is an interconnected system, and these indicators help us anticipate and understand its intricacies.