Google Gemini, the new and promising artificial intelligence

Google Introducing Gemini.

Google has just launched its latest innovation: Gemini. A new AI model promises to lead the market.

Gemini stands out as a multimodal model, a feature that allows it to understand and process a variety of types of information. This includes text, images, audio, and programming code, making it an exceptionally versatile and powerful tool in the field of AI.

What makes Gemini particularly special is its design and training. Google has developed this model from scratch, focusing on its multimodal capability. Unlike other models that are trained in one modality and then adapted to others, Gemini has been trained to integrate and combine different types of data natively from the beginning.

Versions of Gemini

Gemini comes in three distinct versions: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. Gemini Ultra is the most advanced and complete version, offering extensive multimodal capabilities. Gemini Pro offers more limited functionalities, and Gemini Nano is specifically designed for devices with reduced computing capabilities, such as mobile phones.

Compared to OpenAI’s GPT-4, Gemini Ultra has proven to be superior in current tests, while Gemini Pro competes directly with GPT 3.5. A key difference between Gemini and GPT is Gemini’s multimodal nature, which gives it a significant advantage in terms of versatility and applicability.

Google credits.
Google credits.

Implementation and Future

The implementation of the different versions of Gemini will be staggered. Gemini Pro has already been integrated into Google Bard, and both Gemini Ultra and Nano are expected to be incorporated into future versions of Google products. Additionally, Gemini Nano, designed to operate on mobile devices like Google’s Pixel 8 Pro, represents an advancement by operating without the need for a server connection. And it will not only be limited to Google Bard but will also be integrated into other Google services and applications, such as Google Search, Google Ads, Duet AI, and Google Chrome.

Access for Developers

From December 13th, developers will have access to Gemini Pro through the API in Google AI Studio or Vertex AI, opening up new possibilities for the creation and improvement of AI-based applications.


The future of Gemini is promising. This model is expected to continue evolving and improving, potentially establishing itself as a leader in the AI market.