Lords of the Fallen: An adventure with its own soul

Lords of the Fallen cover.

Clearly inspired by the Souls series from FromSoftware, “Lords of the Fallen” is a co-development between Deck13 and CI Games that explores an alternative yet traditional gameplay system in the role-playing genre. This game delves into a narrative that emphasizes the difficulty of one-on-one combat, while maintaining a strong focus on the story.

From its beginnings, Lords of the Fallen captures the essence of Souls. It features an unchanging protagonist, Harkyn, and immerses us in the fight against a demonic threat. Although its control system is reminiscent of the Souls saga, it introduces novel elements such as magical abilities and the gauntlet, adding freshness to the combat, though a greater variety among available classes is missed.

The game unfolds a familiar structure with interconnected areas, challenging enemies, and a checkpoint mechanic that, while effective, might lessen the tension by replenishing life and potions. The management of experience and the sense of risk and reward remain essential to keep the experience challenging and rewarding.

Visually, Lords of the Fallen stands out with careful technical design. Its settings, weapons, armors, and enemies display a consistent and brutalist aesthetic, though it can sometimes become repetitive. The animations, detailed yet occasionally slow, could be sped up to avoid unnecessary punishments for the player.

The gameplay, a pillar of the game, is based on strategic combat where the weight of the equipment affects the mobility and speed of the character. This mechanic, along with the challenging structure of the encounters, provides a tactical and satisfying experience, although there is a need for greater variety in enemies and mechanics between classes.

Pros: • The weight of weapons and armor significantly affects combat. • Attractive visual design that motivates acquiring new equipment and exploring. • An experience system that encourages risk and reward.

Cons: • Lack of variety and dynamism in some aspects of gameplay. • Occasional repetition in aesthetics and combat mechanics. • Need for more diversity among enemies and classes.

In conclusion, Lords of the Fallen positions itself as a challenging game for fans of the genre. While it draws inspiration from the Souls sources, it attempts to bring unique touches that, although not always completely different, add a new nuance to the established formula. The game would benefit from more variety and dynamism in certain aspects, but its strategic challenge remains its main attraction.