New free games at Epic Games from October 26

Epic Games

Epic Games has recently announced two more titles that can be acquired at no cost from today to November 2, 2023: “The Evil Within 2” and “Eternal Threads”.

The Evil Within 2: Into the Nightmare: Sebastián Castellanos Desperate Quest.

The Evil Within 2
The Evil Within 2

Detective Sebastián Castellanos has lost everything, including his daughter Lily. To rescue her, he is compelled to venture into the nightmarish world of STEM. In this dark place, unimaginable threats lurk around every corner, and his survival hinges on his cunning. The only way to find redemption is to delve even deeper into this world because the only way out is to go in.

Tandem, a tale of shadows: Unveiling the Enigma: A Tale of Shadows

Tandem a Tale of Shadows

“A Tale of Shadows” redefines the puzzle and platformer genre with unique scrolling mechanics, perspectives, and exceptional aesthetics. Join Emma and her teddy bear, Fenton, in solving the mystery behind the disappearance of Thomas Kane, the son of a famous magician couple.