The 100,000 Qubit Quantum-Centric Supercomputer of 2033

IBM quantum

IBM and its characteristic vision of the future:

IBM, a leading technology company and pioneer in innovations for over a century, has its eyes set on the future of quantum computing. With a rich history of technological developments and a commitment to research, IBM’s ambition in this field is no surprise. The company stands at the forefront of the quantum field, and its latest aspirations aim to change the landscape of computing as we know it.

A giant on the horizon:

Based on the most recent developments, IBM plans to launch a monumental quantum computer of 100,000 qubits by 2033. But this is not its only achievement:

  • After unveiling the Osprey quantum processor with 433 qubits in 2022, the company is in the process of producing other processors, including the Condor with 1,121 qubits scheduled for this year, the Flamingo with at least 1,386 qubits for 2024, and the Kookaburra with no less than 4,158 qubits set for 2025.
  • Beyond 2025, IBM intends to interconnect several of these chips, scaling their quantum hardware to impressive figures ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 qubits.
  • IBM’s vision is not limited to developing processors with more qubits. The company seeks to build a quantum-centric supercomputer that combines both quantum and classical computers, all connected through high-performance quantum links and high-density cryogenic wiring.
  • To achieve this ambitious vision, IBM will invest 100 million dollars and will partner with leading research institutions, such as the Universities of Chicago and Tokyo, the Argonne National Laboratory, and the Fermilab National Laboratory.

The promise of a 100,000 qubit quantum computer represents more than just a technical feat; it’s a glimpse into a future where current scientific challenges can be tackled in ways previously unimaginable. Applications range from designing new materials and gaining a deep understanding of chemical reactions to developing revolutionary drugs. As we move into this new decade, with the potential capability of these computers to correct their own errors, we stand on the brink of an era where advances in quantum computing could surpass everything we’ve seen to date. Undoubtedly, with companies like IBM leading the way, we can expect to witness radical transformations in technology, science, and society.

IBM Research – Official youtube channel.