Ripple celebrate a milestone in the cryptocurrency world


In a recent and unexpected turn of events, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided to backtrack and discontinue the charges it had leveled against Christian Larsen and Bradley Garlinghouse, two prominent executives of Ripple, the company behind the cryptocurrency XRP. This “voluntary dismissal” has closed a chapter of tensions where both were accused of violating the Securities Act of 1933 through the sale of XRP. It’s worth noting that, in July, a victory was already secured for Ripple when Judge Torres ruled that XRP was not a security, meaning its sale and distribution didn’t breach U.S. regulations.

Christian Larsen, photograph taken from his X profile.

Despite this favorable resolution, the path to normalcy hasn’t concluded for Ripple. Future meetings with the SEC are anticipated to discuss additional case details, with a proposed deadline set for November 9, 2023. Bradley Garlinghouse, one of the executives, shared his joy and relief on social media, referencing the challenges and criticism they faced and questioning certain ties and decisions of the SEC in the crypto sector.

Bradley Garlinghouse, photograph taken from wikipedia.

The cryptocurrency market responded positively to the news. XRP saw a significant rise in its value within minutes, and other coins, like Bitcoin, also experienced a boost. This outcome underscores the need for a clear regulatory framework and a more harmonious relationship between authorities and the growing world of cryptocurrencies, reaffirming their position and legitimacy in the global financial scene.

This resolution for Ripple and XRP isn’t just a victory for them, but for the entire crypto community. Recent events underscore the need for deeper understanding and a regulatory framework tailored to the digital age. Many see in these developments signs that the so-called “crypto winter”, a phase of uncertainty and mistrust, is giving way to a “crypto spring”. In this new season, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology might blossom and solidify as fundamental pillars of the global economy. There’s renewed hope on the horizon, and for many, the future of cryptocurrencies has never looked so bright.