TRONSAVE, Winner of the 3rd Prize in Web3 HackaTron Season 4


TRONSAVE has stood out as a project winning the 3rd prize in Web3 HackaTron T4. This project has introduced significant benefits for TRX users through its easy integration with various Dapps.

Main Features

TRONSAVE focuses on efficient energy use to reduce transaction fees. With a customizable unit price starting at 35 SUN per day, users can enjoy savings of up to 92% on transaction fees. This efficiency benefits not only individual users but also provides an advantage for TRON-based projects, optimizing costs and improving the Web3 user experience.

Benefits for TRX Holders

TRX holders can maximize their benefits through staking, with the possibility of earning up to 18% APY by selling energy in TRONSAVE with Stake 2.0. Additionally, support for bulk energy trading and multi-currency payments, along with lease terms of up to 30 days, offer flexibility and additional income opportunities.


Advantages for TRON Projects

TRONSAVE benefits not only individual users but is also a valuable tool for TRON-based projects. By optimizing on-chain fees and eliminating unnecessary transaction steps, TRONSAVE helps expand business models and create new utilities for tokens, all with simple integration in just two steps.

Roadmap Presentation:

Phase 1: Implementation of main energy features, launch on Testnet, participation in HackaTron S4.

Phase 2: Launch on Mainnet, UI/UX improvements, and marketing campaigns.

Phase 3: Development of a toolkit for saving on fees and marketing campaigns to attract more energy providers.

Phase 4: Planning of an Airdrop campaign and strategies to capture more market.

TRONSAVE's Roadmap.
TRONSAVE’s Roadmap.


TRONSAVE is marking a before and after in the use of energy on the TRON blockchain, offering efficient solutions for both individual users and projects based on this technology.


For more information, interested parties can join the TRONSAVE community on Telegram: @wantingtrx.

(Remember that the ultimate responsibility is yours when deciding to invest in these projects; study and research thoroughly.)